Commercial Wood Flooring

We resurface, refinish, repair and restore restaurant floors, banquet hall floors, wedding venue floors, ballroom dance floors, school flooring and all types of gym wood flooring refinishing, aerobic studio floors, basketball court floor, squash court floor, spas and health club floors, city loft hardwood floors, showroom floors, retail store floors. These types of commercial floors need a wood floor finish that is hard enough to withstand heavy traffic and abuse.

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If you have commercial wood flooring in a commercial building or retail space all in Brooklyn & Queens NY, Staten Island and parts of New Jersey then call Nick:  (917) 217-6115


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Resurfacing commercial hard wood flooring?  Consult with Nick at Advanced Flooring to understand how to best clean, care, refinish and restore commercial wood flooring.

Types of Commercial Wood Flooring

We install and service commercial grade hard wood flooring

  • Restaurant Wood Flooring
  • Banquet Hall Wood Flooring
  • Club Dance Wood Flooring
  • Ballroom Dance Wood Flooring
  • Gym Wood Flooring Refinishing
  • Aerobic Studio Wood Flooring
  • Yoga Studio Wood Flooring
  • Basketball Court Wood Flooring
  • Squash Court Wood Flooring
  • School Wood Flooring
  • Spa and Health Club Wood Flooring
  • Retail Store Wood Flooring
  • Showroom Wood Flooring
  • Loft Hardwood Wood Flooring
  • Building Lobby Wood Flooring

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